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Design and development of advanced industrial safety products

We offer reliable, resistant and high-performing protection 

Discover the potential each Netzen solution can provide in homes, workspaces, offices, shops or institutions.



Aluminum Anchors

Our aluminum anchor system, with movable hooks that grant a perfect tension for the net (mesh), is designed to provide safety following a few simple steps. This product has been designed for both easy self-installation and/or installation by a professional technician.

FOTO PPAL_3A_edited.jpg

Polyamide Anchors

The polyamide anchor system is designed to provide agile installation. The design contains fixed hooks that ensure a perfect tension of the safety net (mesh). This product has been designed for both easy self-installation and/or installation by a professional technician.


Retractable Gate

Our Netzen Gate is a retractable security barrier suitable to limit access to hallways, doorways, either at the top and bottom of stairs. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. This product has been designed for both easy self-installation and/or installation by a professional technician.

blister aluminio.jpg


Our Netzen Kits are designed for self-installation. They are made-to-measure according to the specific information provided by the client. 

Dispositivo de escape.jpg

Escape Device (Cutter)

With an ad hoc design, this polyamide piece provides a clean cut for an easy escape.



Used to anchor and position the nets around the perimeter. These are a fundamental piece of the aluminum anchor system.

Net (mesh)

Our monofilament nets (mesh) are designed to be used and placed with both anchoring protection systems.

Tensor SOGA.jpg


In order to achieve a perfect visual presentation, these accessories are used to tension and straighten the angle of the netting system in any type of balcony.


Discover all product use and installation instructions on our exclusive YouTube channel

How to take measurements

We recommend measuring the space/s that require protection carefully so that we can provide you with estimated costs. Please proceed as follows:


Measure: Step 1: Total width from wall-to-wall, based on the external frame Step 2: Total height wall-to-wall/floor-to-ceiling pared a pared

VENTANA en ingles_Tips 3a.jpg


Measure: Step 1: Total length of the balcony front Step 2: Any laterals the balcony may have (eg.L-shaped balconies) Step 3:Total height of the balcony, from floor-to-ceiling or from handrail-to-ceiling, according to preference. It is generally recommended placing the net behind the handrail for easier cleaning and to avoid damaging it. Step 4: Bear in mind that you will need to install tensioners in each corner of the balcony to prevent the net from collapsing inwards.

1Recurso 1-100.jpg


Si necesitás cubrir todo el lateral de la escalera, entonces deberás: Paso 1. Tomar la medida de la altura Paso 2. Medir el ancho completo Ahora si sólo necesitás cubrir la baranda de la escalera: Paso 1. Si la baranda va en subida, se toma de altura 1.50 metros (492.12 pies) y luego debés tomar la diagonal completa de punta a punta. Paso 2. Si la baranda es horizontal se toma la altura de la misma (en general es entre 0.90 metros (2.95 pies) -1.10 metros (3.6 pies) y luego el largo de lado a lado.

1Recurso 2-100.jpg
como tomar medidas escalera ingles_Tips 3a.jpg


Measure: Step 1: Total height and width of the terrace Step 2: Total height of the ledge and/or handrail. In the case of terraces, we recommend considering the height of the structure is between 1.70 meters (5.57 feet)-2 meters (6.56 feet).


Application examples

Netzen Gift Card

A special gift card for your friends and family. They will be able to choose and receive at home their custom Netzen solutions wherever they are in the world.

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