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We are driven by the challenge of designing a solution

That improves quality of life and adapts to every need

Advanced solutions

Our company was founded in Argentina in 1999 with the purpose of delivering a practical solution for a universal problem that any window, balcony, staircase and terrace without protection represents for children, adults and pets.

Until then, there were no smart industrial product designs in the market that combined functionality, durability, resistance and style. 

Netzen accidents prevention at home

Netzen impact test according to Norm ASTM 200610”

Our Objective

We set out to develop the first patented anchor and netting protection systems that guarantee further safety and tranquility for users, with a faster and more efficient installation.

Netzen is today the industry market leader in design, manufacturing, sales and installation of our high-quality certified safety systems. Our varied range of patented solutions have been internationally evaluated, tested and certified by different global institutions.


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